Our initiative #RishtonKeRang AuraKeSang features a fairytale wedding of two sisters who are privileged to get married on the same day and are totally in love with the fact that now they get to flaunt and twin their wedding attires together. Over a fabulous wedding campaign, we will introduce to you their mind-blowing wedding and a lot more. Let’s start by peeking into their glamorous Mehendi, where the brides-to-be, Meera and Maahi look as regal as they can in Aura’s bright and vibrant collection. These sisters have proved their classy taste by wanting to stand out from the typical and decided on drapes made of contrast hues. The colors are kept subtle and thus provide a fusion look that anyone would want to flourish. The various motifs and brocades imperially designed on their saree’s have spilled the magic beans and flourished the look with happiness. The fabric, fillers, and flowers used to create the complete ambience were picked in contrast with Meera and Maahi’s apparel; this created an awe to see. The sophistication brought along with the elite choices has turned a simple ritual of mehendi into a grand celebration.