Sangeet Ki Dhun


#SangeetKiDhun composed of sheer elegance, class, and grace. Meera and Mahi’s Sangeet is a celebration of all things vibrant. The sister duo is captured at their candid, most charming best, in Aura’s special collection that shall thrill everyone by its apparent versatility.



This Sangeet celebration is going to give you all major goals when it comes to being traditional, with its blend of fusion colors with Indian motifs, encouraging their looks like a star. Their happiness could be felt in the way they danced their heart out with their partners and could not stop swirling. Meera and Mahi are wining hearts with their panache.  These elegant saree’s were designed with such intricacy to maintain the classy taste portrayed in the mehendi ceremony by the unbeatable sisters.  The flattering outfits were kept in mind while deciding the subtle floral décor with a white backdrop. The energy and royalty brought to this Sangeet with these outstanding outfits have promised to make this ceremony an unforgettable one.